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2024 New Mini Jeep Electric and Engine Type or Haybride

(By Mehdi Zandi Moghaddam )

An Inventor

“A Novel Solution in the Automotive Industry”

An interview with the Iranian inventor, Mehdi Zandi Moghadam, about the Electric Commuter – the newest electric mini jeep of 2024.

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Highlighted activities and successes of Mehdi Zandi Moghadam in the diverse world of automotive industries:
Mehdi Zandi Moghadam, an Iranian entrepreneur and inventor, besides being the CEO of prominent companies such as Samurai, YKD, and JAPTEC in Japan, and Lon-v in China, with 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, is known as an active and talented inventor. In order to enhance his specialized knowledge, he has made relentless efforts in the automotive industry field and has been able to significantly succeed in his endeavors by completing courses in Panasonic and Juki machines, especially in the field of motor winding, robotic system engineering, industrial machinery programming, particularly in SMT, PCB, and specialized industrial board design such as nanomold production. Interestingly, it is worth noting that, according to available information, under the management of Mr. Zandi Moghadam, JAPTEC company has successfully produced and marketed 15 different types of vehicles, including scooters, to date. Now, by sharing his experiences and knowledge in various fields, he will undoubtedly play a significant role in the development and advancement of the Iranian automotive industry. This energetic entrepreneur, as a prominent specialist in technology and manufacturing, is engaged in improving the standards and technologies used in this industry, striving to share his knowledge and experiences with the Iranian professional community and contribute to the improvement of quality and innovation in the Iranian automotive industry.

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  • What was your motivation and goal behind inventing the Electric Commuter car?
  • My goal in inventing the Electric Commuter car as an urban vehicle is to create a sustainable and energy-efficient transportation system in the environment and for humanity. I believe that urban vehicles do not need high speed and power and with optimal planning and compatibility with the urban ecosystem, they can help reduce fuel consumption, reduce repair costs, and lower the rate of traffic accidents. Also, by separating urban vehicles from non-urban vehicles, they can significantly contribute to improving traffic and environmental issues.
  • What is the application of the Electric Mini Jeep? Which countries have you collaborated with for the production and export of this product?
  • The 2024 Electric Mini Jeep has been designed and manufactured with advanced electronic and mechanical technologies. It is commercially produced in Japan and introduced in the market as a sustainable urban vehicle. Collaboration with Japanese companies in the design and production of this car has been ongoing, and many of these vehicles have been purchased by consumers in Japan and other countries. This car has been widely used as an innovative initiative in urban traffic and utilizes modern technologies to improve the environment and the comfort of citizens.
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  • What significant difference do you see in your invention compared to other similar products?
    As mentioned, the 2024 Electric Mini Jeep, with a focus on energy consumption reduction and passenger convenience, has distinctive features. This car, with its compact interior design tailored to urban needs, has an intelligent system that assists the driver in daily tasks and provides better communication with the surrounding environment through sensor technology.
  • Which of your inventions has made a better impact for you?
    So far, in advancing your goals in building various mini jeeps and electric cars, with whom and which countries have you interacted?
  • The longest FPC in the world is 26 meters long, and that’s when I was asked to design and produce a tool for a hospital in Japan to see inside the heart’s veins. I made a board for them that was 2.5 meters long and 0.2 millimeters in diameter, while the longest FPC in the world was 2.6 meters long. At the tip of this tool, I placed a camera to see inside the heart’s veins clearly. I made this board almost seven years ago and delivered it to a hospital in Japan. This work brought a very unique and beautiful feeling to me at that time.
    I have participated in numerous projects that have resulted in collaborations with specialized designers from large companies such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, top-notch specialists from Japanese universities, and companies such as Mitsubishi, Canon, Hyundai, and many designers from Toshiba, Komatsu, Mazda, and Ohlins & KYB company (the world’s largest suspension manufacturer). I also collaborated with a Japanese spring designer who worked for Yamaha and Honda, and even designed and produced a spring aid that has not been seen in the world yet. I was able to use the results of these interactions in my products and tools.
  • What needs will the Electric Commuter project address for people?
    The current project is a new electric mini jeep, which distinguishes itself from the jeeps I had previously made, as it has been extensively copied from previous models and has even been produced by many worldwide. This has led to countless problems and requests being sent to me over the past few years, allowing me to gradually update a better version of the copied samples and ultimately come to a general conclusion. I can then design the driver and control of the 2024 Electric Mini Jeep so that it can charge 100 amperes in 3 hours and travel 100 kilometers on a single charge, which is one of the most important parts of building this electric mini jeep.
    This mini jeep is made with advanced technology and the latest materials and components. My main goal is to have a wider range of activities with mini jeeps, and I believe that these mini jeeps can be used in the city center, and the efficiency, safety, and comfort in the design of these models are observable. Two-person families will be able to experience the security of a high-quality, low-power, electric four-wheeler with these electric mini jeeps.

mehdi zandi

Mehdi have a big story of his life , he was a commander in Iran Iraq war . Then he pass exam of Pilot but his father stop him . He went to USA and start to study of Physics.