2022/8/12, Trike Factory Japan

2012, Trike Factory Japan invented the first design for the Mini Jeep, as seen in the Japan Times. It gained a lot of popularity and customers were making requests for orders, but it’s versatility was limited for interchanging parts. Beginning with no seat, windows and suspension was not there; it was more of a toy. Then we found that we could register the Mini Jeep in Japan and we worked to meet the standards required so it would be safe and compliant on the road. Starting with a gasoline engine option, we recently have made the option for electric as well. But now, with amazing innovation and technology, Trike Factory Japan has reinvented the Mini Jeep. Comfortable, long travel suspension and upgraded A-arms, large piston brake kit, and safer by our standards for our customers. Also, you can even drive with the roof off as an option for those nice days you just want to cruise along and feel the sun and breeze; and to top it off we’ve added a trunk for storage. Now, our customers can receive the choice options for them to enjoy the Mini Jeep, electric or gas engine and comfortable for for everyone.

Mehdi Zandi Moghaddam the founder of Japtec
#دکتر الهام محمدی کوردلو
2022 Mehdi Zandi moghaddam
2022 Model Beach mad one of the best Electric bike
الهام محمدی#دکتر الهام محمدی کوردلو#
We Driva most of Okinawa land for find best rental bike , we think beach mad one of the best .
2022/8/10#دکتر_الهام محمدی#الهام محمدی_کردلو##مهدی_زندی_مقدم_مخترع _ایرانی
Our Production line Trike factory company make a lot of Bike
الهام محمدی#دکتر_الهام محمدی#الهام محمدی_کردلو##مهدی_زندی_مقدم_مخترع _ایرانی
A lot of Company copy and sale of trike factory products

mehdi zandi

Mehdi have a big story of his life , he was a commander in Iran Iraq war . Then he pass exam of Pilot but his father stop him . He went to USA and start to study of Physics.
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